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Делка Ненкова

delka"DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall" is an inspirational immigration story based on Delka's life. A story of a gymnast from Bulgaria with a heart of gold and stars in her eyes. She is adopted into a

traveling Circus of psychedelic characters after being raped and finds herself on a journey, to the Land of the Free. The movie is presented in a magical (almost Fairy Tale) like way but still stays true to Delka's story, embedded in realism. It is an avant-garde original but still entices with multi-ethnic dance & Circus
performances, scored by Roger Suen (X-men, Prometheus).
The film has won "Award of Recognition (Accolade Global Film Competition 2015)", "Best Feature Film (L.A. New Wave International Film Festival 2016) and was Nominated "Best Cutting-Edge Film" at San Diego Black Film Festival (2016). DELKA is extremely excited to have been nominated for Best Lead Actress alongside Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible) & Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) in the Prestigious "Nice International Film Festival 2016 (NIFF, France)".
At Nice IFF "DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall" has also been nominated for Best Original Screenplay Will V. Moore, (Story) Delka Nenkova, Best Hair/ Make-up, and Will V. Moore is Nominated Best Director, at "Madrid International Film Festival" (Spain, 2016).
Mermaid Entertainment www.mermaid-entertainment.com (with CEO Delka Nenkova) has employed an extremely multi-cultural/ethnic and talented crew with strong female & male characters. The cast includes Bulgarian, African, American, Asian, Mexican, Indian, Persian, Italian, straight and...gay...There is also Brent David Fraser (Wild at Heart, opposite Nicholas Cage) and an action sequence involving Daisy "The Lady" Lang (World Champion of Boxing), along with intense drama scenes from the Lead Actors, Delka Nenkova (Iron Man 2) who's character undergoes multiple transformations on her journey; she performs her own circus acts, stunts and dance.
Besides Delka and Daisy Lang, there are Other Virtuoso Bulgarians who Shine with their Unique Talents in this Film-the young Actor and Philantropist Nasko Atanasov, and The Worldwide Recognized Bulgarian
Duo Ivan and Zvetanka Varimezovi-who deeply touch our souls with moving Traditional National Bulgarian Songs. The Bulgarian Spirit is still Alive in Los Angeles-one more prove of it is the Help of Native Bulgarians who live in The City of Angels (Los Angeles), California and who Volunteered to Act as Background for the
Bulgarian Scenes in the Film.
The film is a layered "Dream upon a dream upon the dream". Every character has different idealizations of what their dreams are, no matter whether they are Bulgarian, American, Communist, Capitalist,
Socialist or Religious... Delka's journey is one of a spiritual melting pot. Her alter ego Rina, personifies a quest to Stand-Up Tall, and fight for her dream life.
The character is named after Delka Nenkova's mother and "Rayna Knyaginya" the woman who sewed the Bulgarian Flag and led the fight for the Freedom of Bulgaria. She was very proud, strong, beautiful, and similar to Joan of Arc of The French Revolution.
Will V. Moore is making his directional debut and is gaining attention as a creative virtuoso and hopes to have developed an international cult classic for the times. Delka Nenkova is in the United States preparing for her new action film with Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) & Aki Aleong (General Hospital). Mermaid
Entertainment is currently in pre-production on their next project "Fruit for the Butterfly" which beckons Mickey Rourke.


"DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall"
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